Chef de Partie

We are looking for a Chef de Partie to join our kitchen in Epping Forest!

You will be the second in command, an aspiring leader and talented chef. Read on and apply now, if you have what it takes….



• Work with the executive chef/ head chef  to produce diversified menus in accordance with the restaurant’s policy and vision

• Come up with new dishes which appeal to the clients, whenever required

• Establish the working schedule and organize the work in the kitchen so that everything works like “well-oiled machinery”

• Produce high quality dishes that follow up the established menu and level up to location’s standards, as well as to clients’ requirements

• Plan the food design in order to create a perfect match between the dish’s aspect and its taste

• Train the auxiliary kitchen staff in order to provide best results in minimum time and using at the maximum the available resources

• Maintain order and discipline in the kitchen during working hours

• Create tasting menus for clients interested in contracting the food for different events (wedding, banquets, corporate dinners, birthday parties, etc.) from their kitchen

• Make sure the hygiene and food safety standards are met in all stages of food preparation, starting with the ingredients and ending with the finished dish which leaves the kitchen door

• Make sure that the professional equipment is in good conditions and signal any malfunction before it affects the staff or the clients.Making sure that the kitchen I kept clean and tried at all times and making sure all Kitchen Porters keep the kitchen clean from the ceiling, walls, shelving, fridges floors and all equipment in the kitchen


Professional skills

The Chef De Partie has both managerial and culinary responsibilities; therefore he/she needs to excel in both domains in order to successfully conduct all the assigned duties. Here are the most important professional skills and abilities required from a Chef De Partie.


Monitoring skills – the Chef De Partie is responsible for the entire activity from the kitchen; therefore they must possess great monitoring abilities, while also performing their regular duties.

Time management – the Chef De Partie must estimate the necessary time needed for each dish, as well as the time spent by each staff member when preparing different meals. They need to perfectly organize the kitchen so that every minute is used wisely. Delays or wasted time affects the kitchen’s performances. Also, the Chef De Partie must estimate the necessary time for culinary tasks as well as the time which must be devoted to the managerial duties so as to perfectly handle all responsibilities.

Management of finances and resources – in charge with establishing the ingredient list and menu, the Chef De Partie must properly manage the available finances and resources.

Good communication abilities – the Chef De Partie is in constant communication with the head chef and executive chef (the higher authorities), as well as with the kitchen staff, ingredient providers, technical staff which maintains the cooking machineries in order and even with the clients. Therefore, he/she must know how to adjust their discourse in accordance with the targeted audience.

Active listening and learning – understanding what people say, asking questions for an insight into the problem and gathering information for a solution are essential when coordinating a team, whether it is in the kitchen or outside it.

Teaching abilities – the Chef De Partie must train the junior chefs and auxiliary kitchen staff, therefore they need a teaching strategy which conveys the information clearly and in an accessible manner.

Computer skills – the Chef De Partie may need to keep in touch with the providers via internet or may need to introduce information on the computer, therefore good computer skills are required in order to fulfill these tasks.

Technical information – most restaurant kitchens have specific machineries which make cooking easy. The Chef De Partie must make sure they are all in good condition and cannot hurt the staff if used properly. When machinery is broken, he/she needs to call for professionals to fix it or inform maintenance department

Personal features

Attention to detail – it is essential that the plates are perfect when they leave the kitchen and the Chef De Partie must check his/her work as well as the work done by the subordinates. A critic eye will instantly see possible issues and will fix them along the way.

Initiative – cooking for others is an art in which one must always innovate. A person with initiative and passion for this domain will certainly have a smoother path towards success.

Flexibility – working in a kitchen along with a group of people may lead to unexpected situations. The Chef De Partie must be flexible and adapt easy to the new working conditions, so that the results are always the best.

Good stress tolerance – when cooking for others, the responsibility is huge and so is the level of stress. A good Chef De Partie has a great stress tolerance and transforms negative emotions into edible works of art.

Leadership – the Chef De Partie is a good leader, who works along the team for the perfect plates. He/she imposes respect through attitude and through the good choices made along the way.

Works perfect in team – working in a kitchen requires good team spirit, as in most cases a well-organized team has much better results than the same number of individuals working on their own.


Detailed list of jobs

• Make sure all team members are trained in all areas of the kitchen

• Make sure all paper work is filled in correctly

• Make sure all food is to the highest standard of quality

• Make sure all food is prepped to the highest standard

• Makes sure all food leaves the kitchen to above 75c and to the same standard as the dish description

• Make sure that the kitchen is kept clean and tried at all times

• Make sure that all food items are covered, stored, labelled by yourself and kitchen team

• Organize jobs for each team member in the kitchen for their shift

• Teach junior members for the team on dish descriptions

• Deputize for the head chef when he is not in the hotel i.e ordering, going to meetings, rotas, cleaning of kitchen.

• Any issues that arise on a day to day basics in the kitchen find a way to solve the issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

• Making sure deliveries are checked and stored any in a in right areas and recorded in the daily log

• Reporting any issues with broken equipment to maintenance


  • Salary: 19K

  • Full Time/Flexible

  • Second in command

Please send your full CV to Bernard Walkure at

~ Good luck ~